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Cartier Theatre




Montreal has a rich history replete with heritage buildings. We take great pride in contributing to the restoration of these unique buildings.

Our love for stunning architecture and historical buildings continues to grow with the addition of the Cartier Theatre to our group of unique venues.

Located at 2330 rue Sainte-Catherine Est and named the Cartier Theatre for its proximity to the Jacques Cartier Bridge, Luisa Sassano and Ezio Carosielli intend to restore the former church and transform it into a multi-purpose event venue.

Similar to the Rialto and St-James Theatres, the Cartier Theatre will be dedicated to hosting private and corporate events, shows, expositions and more.

Restoration works have already begun and the Cartier Theatre will be fully operational as of June 2020.


 “We have been extremely fortunate to be involved with the Rialto and St-James Theatres. It is a unique privilege and an immense pleasure to preserve and care for these historic buildings. We take great pride in sharing them with our community and allowing unfettered access through tours, concerts and a variety of events.

We believe in preserving heritage properties and transforming them into unique event spaces. This business model has proven effective and is greatly appreciated and encouraged by our community. We are most thankful! In light of this response, we are delighted to add new venues.

Built in 1928 by well-known architect Ludger Lemieux on foundations dating back to ‪1875, the St Vincent-de-Paul church towers at the corner of rue Sainte-Catherine E and Fullum in the Centre-Sud neighbourhood. Although the building has been neglected in recent years and notwithstanding the challenge to restore and rehabilitate it, we embrace our new adventure with great eagerness. In honour of its proximity to the Jacques Cartier Bridge, we have named it the Cartier Theatre.

We will restore and preserve this magnificent building. We will introduce architectural lighting to showcase its beauty and splendour. We will open it up to the community so that it will become a focal point for cultural and social activities. It will be a tedious and lengthy process, but with the continued support of the Montreal community, we are up to the challenge.”

-Luisa Sassano & Ezio Carosielli


Cartier Theatre

2330 Ste Catherine E. | Montreal, QC | H2K 2J4


For booking inquiries, contact

Mr. Ezio Carosielli| President | 514-268-7069